Buddha Badges to donate this month’s proceeds to International OCD Foundation

Last spring, Denis Asselin started a pilgrimage in memory of his son Nathaniel, walking over 500 miles from his home in Philadelphia all the way to Boston. The project, Walking with Nathaniel, helped Denis raise awareness about body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), an OCD spectrum disorder that his son Nathaniel struggled with during his too-short life. The funds he raised along the way went to the International OCD Foundation to support BDD and OCD awareness and help create resources to help other families affected by BDD.

This month, Buddha Badges is contributing all of the proceeds from the sale of their badges to the Walking with Nathaniel fund at the International OCD Foundation. What are Buddha Badges, you say?

BuddhaBadges is a little not-for-profit charity-drive art project aimed at selling 1″inch [Buddha-themed] badges for a dollar each to help raise donation money for some good causes. 90% of our sales will be donated monthly to one of these causes, where the other 10% will go toward materials to make more pins!

Here are some of our favorite badges on offer:

This Too Shall PassAjahn Brahm tells a great version of the story of the ancient king who had everything he could possibly have hoped for in life except for the cure for his intense dissatisfaction when things went awry. Being surrounded by clergy and servants and trusted companions, he instructed them to find a way to help him when his expectations were dashed. The troop got together and fashioned a ring for the King, that said “This Too Shall Pass” and instructed him to look at the ring when he was at his most saddest and his most happiest so that he would be reminded, in both joy and sorrow, that this too shall pass.

Let GoThe Buddha spoke very often of the power of letting go…letting go of anger as if it were a hot coal in the hand…letting go of hate as if it were a poison in the mind…letting go of sadness as if it were a stumbling block to helping others be free. In the transient reality of this foam-like world… holding on to anything is to sink to the bottom, while letting go is freeing the arms to swim.

Take a WalkThe Buddha walked. Bodhidharma walked. Maha Ghosananda walked. Ghandi walked. Thich Nhat Hanh is still walking. Meditative walking is a fundamental aspect to the Buddhist philosophy of incorporating a still and awake type of perspective on active, daily experience. It was said when the Buddha first walked (moments after his birth, mind you) flowers sprouted from his footsteps. May we all walk so lightly.

So perhaps this month you will consider bringing a little Eastern wisdom into your life, and helping to support the IOCDF along the way.

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